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The Modern Book Scene Part 4 by Kathleen Kinder

The Modern Book Scene 4     22/09/21 Kathleen Kinder I extend a warm welcome to everyone watching and listening, wherever you are. Some of you have been here before, so welcome back. This is the fourth Zoom talk this year on the Modern Book Scene, but each Talk is different as there is a huge […]

The Modern Book Scene Part 4 Book List

Modern Book Scene, Talk 4, Book List Kathleen Kinder 9/9/21 Murder, mysteries and Thrillers, – Global Outreach Outbreak, Frank Gardner, 2021 – featuring Luke Charlton, SIS operator (Crisis, Frank Gardner, 2016). – featuring Luke Charlton, SIS operator (Ultimatum, Frank Gardner, 2019). – featuring Luke Charlton, SIS operator The Whole Truth, David Baldacci, 2008 Murder, mysteries […]

The Modern Book Scene Part 3 Book List

Murder, Mysteries and Thrillers                                         The Postscript Murders,  Ellie Griffiths, 2021.         The Killings at Kingfisher Hall, Sophie Hannah, 2020.            Moonflower Murders, Anthony Horowitz 2020.          […]

John Banville and Benjamin Black: two for the price of one

For over three hundred years English literature has been enriched by a long line of Anglo-Irish writers, starting with Jonathan Swift, running through Oscar Wilde, James Joyce, and W. B. Yeats and continuing down to our times with the writer I want to discuss here – John Banville. William John Banville was born in Wexford […]

The Modern Book Scene Part 2 by Kathleen Kinder

The Script from Kathleen Kinder’s talk I extend a warm welcome to everyone watching and listening, wherever you are. I’ll speak around 60 minutes with time for questions afterwards. This is the second Zoom talk on the Modern Book Scene. I  thank the Settle library management committee for their continued support, particularly, Hazel Allen, for […]

John Betjeman – the funnier side

For many people, including me, reading usually means reading prose.  We are wary of poetry, perhaps (again, in my case) because it was so clumsily dinned into us at school.  A small dose of poetry in Class 2 could vaccinate you against it for the rest of your life.  Nevertheless, there is one modern English […]

The Modern Book Scene

15/01/21     Kathleen Kinder        I extend a warm welcome to everyone watching and listening, wherever you are. I’ll speak around 50-60 minutes with time for questions afterwards. I have given Talks  to the public on books available from Settle library many times, but I have never used Zoom  before. I would like to thank […]

John le Carre

When John le Carré died in December 2020, columnist Ben McIntyre, writing in The Times, recalled an interview with le Carré ten years before, in which he had described the author as Britain’s greatest living novelist.  At the time, McIntyre’s comment aroused some controversy because among the literati the belief persists that espionage novels – […]

William Marshall – an extraordinary life

Sometimes a non-fiction book comes along that tells such an enthralling tale in such an enthralling manner that it comes across almost as a work of fiction.  A couple of weeks ago I was fortunate enough to come across just such a book.  But  just such a book can make for a lengthy review, so […]

A Rising Man by Abir Mukhirjee

This is a detective novel set in 1919 Calcutta, the seat of British rule of the Bengal area at the time of the British Raj in India. The main character is Detective Inspector Captain Sam Wyndham, ex-Scotland Yard, who has taken a job with the Calcutta Police Force to make a new start, following recovery […]

E-Books part 2 Summary and Update

E-books –Update Summary  (see  my article E-Book borrowing from the Library*) K.Kinder   Suggestion If you have an i-phone or smart phone, use it to download and open  this Update Summary from the library’s web address: http://settlelibrary.org.uk/book-review-e-book-borrowing/ You will now be able to follow the instructions below, step by step on your i-pad or tablet. […]

E-Book Borrowing from The Library

Until March 23rd 2020, e-book borrowing from the library had been very much a minority but a slowly growing  interest as more people possessed i-pads and tablets on which they could comfortably read downloaded e-books. Many of us who enjoy reading both printed as well as e-books, have had Kindles  for some time, in my […]